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Since This community died..and I'm a camrea whore!..I'm going to post pics to revive it!


Last Saturday I went on an adventure to a burnt out house with Kristin, Christa, Mike, and Ana then later to the mall with Erika and Met Ben there and I met his friend Omar and the pics will tell the rest....

Very blury picture of kristin...

Kristin apparently likes football players!

That's Ana...nice pic!

Corn is very interesting to us Huntlians!...Kidding!

Christa and Mike's lovely picture...haha


Does that look wrong to you too? or only me!?


Me and Erika at Rock America in the mirror!

Ben met us at the mall...and I met his friend Omar....Here Omar(left) is blind...begging for money and Ben(right) plays the harmonica!

Got Front row seats to the Harmonica and Fisher price drums concert!

I think Joe Blow scared him...

Damn camrea whores....


Me and Erika...again


Cart +me+erika=fun



That is all...

P.s Let's try and get some new members to make this undead!





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